The Art Of D*Face

The Art Of D*Face – One Man & His Dog

D*Face is an English street artist who creates his art using a mixture of spray paint, posters, stickers and stencils.

D*Face grew up in London and was influenced by Spraycan Art and Subway Art; coverage of subway graffiti by Henry Chalfant. These displays gave him his interest in graffiti and developed an interest in stickers and decals from his time
as a skateboarder.


The Art Of D*Face


D*Face joined an illustration design course and worked freelance as an illustrator/designer while perfecting his street work. His influences include Jim Phillips, the Obey Giant art campaign of Shepard Fairey, and hip hop music and cartoons.

D*Face would go on to host his own solo London exhibition – Death and Glory – at the Stolenspace Gallery. He went from selling out his first major exhibit to holding other solo shows including another sell out show Eyecons at the O Contemporary in March of 2007. The Eyecons exhibit features some new work including his prints of Kurt”Kant Complain” and Cli-Che.


The Art Of D*Face


D*Face became the owner and curator of the first contemporary art gallery in London to focus on street art; the Outside Institute. The outside Institute was re-branded into the Stolen Space Gallery in 2005. The artist turned a Stormtrooper helmet into a work of art which was made part of the Art Wars show by Ben Moore in the Saatchi Gallery. Proceeds from the exhibition when to the Missing Tom Fund Be Moore created to help find his brother that has been missing for over a decade. D*Face has also worked with artists including Christina Aguilera and Blink-182, and now his greatest works have been compiled into The Art of D*Face; One Man and his Dog.


The Art Of D*Face


The Art of D*Face: One Man and his Dog

D*Face is a contemporary of Banksy and has been the face of the urban art scene for over a decade. D*Face has been one of the faces – pardon the pun – of the urban art movement as it rose through the ranks of popular culture.

The Art of D*Face is the monograph fans of street art have been waiting for. It shows how the artist developed throughout his career, showcasing the continued development of his street work and how he went from starting out in street art to selling out art exhibitions across the world.

The book is a must for any fans of D*Face as it contains previously unseen images of his studio and the working process he follows. It’s more than just art though, as D*Face shares the stories behind his work; offering an inside look at the most important urban artist in Britain.


The Art Of D*Face


The Art of D*Face is 340 pages of genius and creativity, featuring sticker sheets and foldout spreads to offer an insight into the most important, impactful, and famous work of D*Face. The book features some of the most iconic work of D*Face from his decade-plus long career and comes complete with a foreword by Shepard Fairey. If you’re a fan of the contemporary urban art scene then you need to get your hands on a copy of The Art of D*Face: One Man & His Dog.

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